American Apparel - Classic style

The latest addition to Gildan's portfolio of brands, American Apparel is the leading premium fashion basics brand in the printwear industry. This iconic brand has a rich history of innovative fabrics, fashionable silhouettes, creative marketing and committments to ethical manufacturing, including a Made in the USA product line.
Supported by one of the industry's leading manufacturers, with a strong history of leading ethical and sustainable practices in a vertically integrated business model, American Apparel will again become the leading brand in this segment. Already back in business with printers across the US and Canada, the brand will be available to consumers once again mid-2017.

Premium Fashion
Garment decorators love American Apparel
because of amazing fabrics, great styles
and an authentic brand promise. 
We're proud to be back in business,
servicing printers across the US and Canada.
Our beloved brand is on a short break,
while we sort through our new collections
and new e-commerce store that launches
mid-summer 2017. Keep in touch at #AAClassics. 
Our new collections will include all your favorite