As a vertically-integrated manufacturer, Gildan has always looked to minimize waste, optimize resources and pursue continuous improvements in every aspect of its operations. Initially viewed as cost-savings initiatives, Gildan now sees the direct connection between integrating sustainable practices and delivering superior financial results, wherein investments in sustainable solutions and innovative technologies are not only driving impact reductions, but also long-term financial success.

For over 15 years, Gildan has also measured, monitored, optimized and reported on its operational results across a broad spectrum of metrics including water use, GHG emissions, energy intensity, waste management and efficiency. The Company has implemented specific tools and programs within its Environmental Management System and Environmental Policy to track its environmental impacts and to ensure that its environmental sustainability objectives are met.

Water Management

Water is one of the world’s most precious resources, and necessarily plays a large part in the entire life cycle of apparel. Gildan works hard to make water use as efficient as possible and ensure wastewater is managed responsibly and sustainably.

Energy Efficiency & Climate Change

Through a number of innovative energy efficiency projects, as well as renewable energy initiatives, Gildan is focused on reducing its energy intensity while minimizing GHG emissions to help reduce impacts on climate change.

Waste Management

At Gildan, we strive to minimize our waste streams while maximizing our reuse, recycling and repurposing within every process from domestic to industrial waste to find better options than disposal.

Safe Chemistry

Strong guidelines prevent harmful chemistry from entering Gildan's operations and products. The Company is driving safe chemical management across its operations to ensure the safety of everyone who works to produce its apparel and wears it.


Environmental audits are performed and performance is constantly monitored to ensure Gildan's strong internal codes are adhered to, in compliance with local and international laws and the expectations of the Company's various stakeholders