As one of the world's largest apparel manufacturers, we embrace our responsibility to treat our 50,000 employees with respect and provide them with rewarding, safe and healthy work environments. We strive to foster a company culture where employees are valued and empowered to share in our success.

Employee Rights

Strictly applied codes and policies are designed to protect the rights of employees in Gildan's operations and supply chain. The Company fosters open dialogue and collaboration with its employees in developing its programs and operating its business.

Wages and Benefits

Investing in its people is a cornerstone of Gildan's success. The Company is committed to offering fair wages, development opportunities and attractive benefits such as free on-site medical care, subsidized meals and free transportation.

Empowering Employees

Gildan's goal is to empower its employees through investments in training and development programs that provide opportunities to expand skills, both professional and personal, and improve the lives of its employees and their families.

Safe and Healthy Workplaces

Gildan owns most of the facilities where its products are made and has direct control in ensuring safe and healthy workplaces. Gildan's facilities feature the latest equipment and technology focused on creating positive work environments for its people.

Social Compliance

We hold ourselves to high international standards by designing our Code of Conduct and social compliance programs to include elements from the codes of the FLA, WRAP, the International Labor Organisation and applicable local and international laws.