Gildan understands the impacts of our operations and accepts that we must find sustainable solutions and look to reduce our footprint.
No Detail Too Small

Our entrepreneurial spirit demands that we scrutinize the impact of every gallon of water, gram of dyes, pound of scrap and kilowatt of energy on the environment and our bottom line. We look to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible and invest in innovative solutions to achieve our goals.

Did You Know?
Gildan's BioTop wastewater treatment system sends effluent through a series of lagoons where bacteria, sunlight and gravity virtually eliminate all dyes and chemicals over a 30 day period.
Did You Know?
In 2016, we reduced our energy intensity by 10%.
Did You Know?
86% of our total company waste was recycled or repurposed in 2016.
It All Starts with U.S. Cotton

Gildan is one of the largest domestic consumers of U.S. Cotton, sustainably grown and ethically harvested by proud U.S. farmers who have made significant improvements over the last 15 years, greatly improving their agricultural practices to reduce their environmental footprint. 

2016 Total Energy Use Powered by Renewable Sources
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Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to continue investing in innovative solutions like our BioMass steam generation system,  which has greatly contributed to reductions of our GHG emissions intensity, our dependency on fossil fuels while significantly lowering our costs.
Environmental Management
Gildan's industry-leading Environmental Management System and Environmental Code of Practices (ECP) are based upon a model of rigorous controls, measurement and continuous improvement. Gildan is committed to keep raising the bar in product safety and environmental stewardship.
Always Innovating
Gildan continues to seek new technologies, collaborate with leading innovators and pursue best practices from every industry. Our ultimate goal is to create perfectly circular product cycles that deliver value to future generations.
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