Ethics & Compliance

"We are proud of the leadership that the Company continues to show in key governance areas, including the launch of a new Code of Ethics and the Company's first Diversity and Inclusion Policy. "
 - Bill Anderson, Chairman of the Board 
Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics, applicable to all Gildan directors, officers and employees serves as a framework in guiding the Company's operations and business practices and as a guide to help employees make decisions that are consistent with Gildan's core values and guiding principles.
The Code of Ethics addresses matters that include conflicts of interest, integrity and confidentiality of corporate records and information, protection and use of corporate assets, employee relations, protection of human rights, health and safety, anti-corruption laws, insider trading, compliance with laws and reporting of unethical or illegal behaviour.
The Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Code of Ethics. Upon hiring, the Code of Ethics is distributed to and signed by each employee, who undergo an annual certification process, which is reported to the Board annually, to monitor compliance with the Code of Ethics.

Code of Conduct
The Gildan Code of Conduct encompasses the principles set forth
by the International Labor Organisation (ILO), the Fair Labor
Association (FLA) and various other organisations. It
unmistakably asserts our position on a wide range of labor
and business practices and openly communicates our
committment to employees, partners and stakeholders to
always act responsibly and sustainably.