Our Board of Directors considers strong and transparent corporate governance practices to be an important factor in the overall success of the Company and is committed to adopting and adhering to the highest standards in corporate governance.
The Board strives for continuous improvement in its corporate governance practices to ensure continued effective oversight of management and Gildan’s business affairs, and to make sure the governance framework not only meets regulatory requirements but also reflects evolving best practice.

Board Mandates
The Board is responsible for the supervision of the management of the Company's business and affairs, with a view to its long-term interests and has a duty of stewardship and regularly assesses and monitors management's performance.
Key Governance Policies
The Company adheres to various key corporate governance policies which provide a framework which ensures the management of the Company remains aligned with the shareholders' interests and the long term mission of creating value for all stakeholders.
Corporate Governance Guidelines

Board Mandates

Mandate of the Board of Directors
Mandate of the Compensation and Human Resources Committee
Mandate of the Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee
Mandate of the Audit and Finance Committee


Key Governance Policies

Policy for the Receipt, Retention and Treatment of Complaints Received from Non-Employees
Board Diversity Policy
Majority Voting Policy
The Board has adopted a policy providing that in an uncontested election of directors, any nominee who receives a greater number of votes "withheld" than votes "for" will tender his or her resignation to the Board promptly following the shareholders' meeting. The Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee will consider the offer of resignation and will make a recommendation to the Board on whether to accept it. The Board will make its final decision and announce it in a press release within ninety (90) days following the shareholders' meeting. A director who tenders his or her resignation pursuant to this policy will not participate in any meeting of the Board or the Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee at which the resignation is considered.
Shareholder Engagement Policy