The strength of our company is our people. Their skills, expertise and commitment to excellence is what fuels our success.
More than 830,000 Hours of Training
As we recognize the importance of providing employees with ongoing education through various types of training designed to improve the technical, administrative and interpersonal skills necessary in their present job or to position them for future growth within the organization
In 2016 we provided in excess of 830,000 man-hours of training to our global workforce.
Did You Know?

In 2016, 214 successful internal and external social audits were performed at our company-owned facilities and 3rd party contractor facilities.

Did You Know?

Our onsite, fully-equipped medical clinics provided more than 178,000 free medical visits in 2016.

Did You Know?
We provided more than 830,000 man-hours of training in 2016.
Did You Know?

More than 55% of our total employees are currently represented by unions.

Taking Care of our Family
Health care, wellness and good nutrition are important to everyone. Manufacturing employees have access to free medical clinics onsite, subsidized meals and free transportation, all creating tremendous value for our people.
Great Ideas...from the Bottom Up

At Gildan, our best ideas often come from the factory floor. Our hands-on collaborative approach ensures that employees are empowered to share ideas, think outside the box and always look to raise the bar.

Active and Engaged
Creating employment is not enough. Our people share in our committment to be active members of the communities where we operate.
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