Ethical, Safe & Responsible
Gildan's sewing operations employ the largest percentage of our people. As the last guardians of product quality, these highly skilled and dedicated employees are the heart and soul of our success.
We invest in our people, providing training and progressive compensation. We are proud to be an ‘employer of choice’ in the areas where we operate.
No Detail Too Small
Teamwork - Gildan Style
All Gildan sewing operations are structured in modular teams, creating collaborative environments that empower our people to succeed together. Detailed ergonomic assesments are regularly performed and machines positions and material flows are adjusted to reduce physical movements and improve overall work flows.
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In collaboration with the Ergonomics Center of North Carolina, Gildan developed and implemented a daily ergonomics program that all sewing operators perform intended to alleviate the physical impacts of the workday. Employees also have access to free medical clinics onsite where trained professionals provide medical care.
Made in the U.S.A
Sustainable & Responsible
Global Scale - Trusted Partner