Students and Recent Graduates

Summer Internship Program
Carried out over fourteen weeks, the Gildan Internship program offers students the opportunity to participate in stimulating projects and gain valuable experience that will help them to transition to the workplace.
 We will have exciting opportunities in Montreal, Canada, North Carolina, United States, Barbados, and Honduras in the following departments:
Your Gains
A global perspective: the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment within a publicly traded organization.
Challenging assignments: the opportunity to work on challenging assignments that will expand your knowledge of your field of study.
Exposure: the opportunity to build your professional network with leadership across the business units.
A company that cares: you will see a real-world example of a company that walks the talk with respect to its social and environmental practices.
And more... all in a welcoming and friendly environment with team members who are committed to your success!
Completed at least 2nd year in an undergraduate program.
Currently studying in a filed related with the department in which the internship is offered.
Relevant projects/experience in the field of interest, OR relevant leadership or community involvement experience.
Management Development Program

In our manufacturing locations, we have developed a Management Development Program for top graduates hired from various textile engineering programs worldwide. These programs run for one year cycles and permit recent graduates to more readily integrate their field by providing practical experience in all aspects of production and operations management, while developing key leadership skills.