Doing right means doing the right thing always.

Gildan is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all of our operations and business practices worldwide. Our conduct with fellow employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders affects the integrity and credibility of the Company as a whole. Maintaining ethical business relationships and acting responsibly in all countries in which we operate are both critical to our reputation and our success.

Code of Ethics


In 2016, our Board of Directors adopted an updated Code of Ethics, applicable to all Gildan directors, officers and employees serves as a framework in guiding the Company's operations and business practices and as a guide to help employees make decisions that are consistent with Gildan's core values and guiding principles.

The Code of Ethics addresses matters that include conflicts of interest, integrity and confidentiality of corporate records and information, protection and use of corporate assets, employee relations, protection of human rights, health and safety, anti-corruption laws, insider trading, compliance with laws and reporting of unethical or illegal behavior.

The Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Code of Ethics. All employees who are in management positions and above (including key personnel) undergo an annual certification process, and all new employees are asked to read and sign the Code of Ethics during their on-board training.

Code of Conduct

The Gildan Code of Conduct encompasses the principles set forth by the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and various other organizations. It unmistakably asserts our position on a wide range of labor and business practices and openly communicates our commitment to employees, partners and stakeholders to always act responsibly and sustainably.


The Anti-Corruption Policy encompasses the rules and regulations set forth by the CFPOA, the FCPA, the UKBA and the local anti-corruption laws of all countries in which Gildan conducts business.

Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Gildan maintains a strong open-door environment where we can access a number of different resources without discomfort or fear. Speaking up about real or suspected misconduct helps our Company solve problems at the source and keeps issues from escalating or reoccurring. You can report any concerns by either calling the Integrity and Social Responsibility Hotline using a local toll-free number or by submitting a report online.

What is Our Policy on Retaliation?

Our Company will not retaliate or tolerate retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports a possible violation of this Code, any of the Company’s policies or the law.

Training and Awareness

Gildan is committed to providing mandatory compliance-related trainings to its employees on the Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and other important compliance related policies, such as anti-corruption, insider trading and economic sanctions.

In 2016, Gildan launched a company-wide training on its Code of Ethics resulting in 98.3% of office employees successfully completing the training*.

In 2017, Gildan launched a company-wide online training on its Code of Conduct resulting in 92% of office employees successfully completing the training*.

In 2018, Gildan launched a company-wide online training on its Anti-Corruption Policy resulting in 99% of office employees successfully completing the training*.

*These percentages do not include non-office employees working in our plants.
In 2019, Gildan has committed to launching a company-wide Compliance Awareness training. This global training will be deployed to all employees and will include the Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, Anti-Harassment Policy and Anti-Corruption Policy.