Yarn-spinning in the U.S.

Gildan owns and operates 7 yarn-spinning facilities in the U.S., proudly employing approximately 1,400 Americans in North Carolina and Georgia.

It all starts with Cotton

Gildan is one of the largest buyers of sustainably grown and ethically harvested US cotton, therefore creating a positive impact for thousands of proud American farmers and their families.

Producing our own yarns
Owning our facilities allows us to create a yarn that is exactly formulated to our needs for softness, durability, comfort and stretch.  We spin enough yarn each day to travel twice around the world, making us one of the largest U.S. producers of yarn.
Cotton & Yarn Spinning Process
More than $400 million invested
Since 2013, Gildan has invested more than US $400 million to modernize facilities and build three new ones that are amongst the world’s largest and most energy efficient yarn-spinning plants.