The Gildan Story

Born in Canada. Raised in the U.S.
Now one of the world's leading manufacturers of apparel, socks and legwear.

"Over the last thirty years we have collectively built a Company we can all be proud of, known as much for the quality of our products as how they are made."
- Glenn J.Chamandy, President and CEO

Joseph Chamandy starts Harley Inc.: a basic children's apparel manufacturer, which produced activewear, apparel and sleepwear.

1982 - 1984

The two grandsons, Glenn and Greg Chamandy, take over the Company's leadership, and expand the business into textile manufacturing by acquiring a Montreal-based textile manufacturer. Gildan Textiles is launched with investments in new manufacturing equipment to increase capacity, efficiency and quality.


In response to the growing demand for printable blank t-shirts, the Company is renamed, Gildan Activewear, and focuses on manufacturing basic family apparel for the printwear channel.

1998 - 1999

Gildan initiates first public offering of stock on the American Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange. The subsequent year, the Company is listed on the New York stock Exchange (NYSE) raising a total of $85M CDN.


Gildan becomes the #1 brand in 100% cotton t-shirts in the U.S. printwear industry.

The Company opens its first large-scale distribution center in Eden, NC.


Gildan starts production at its first state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Honduras that performs knitting, dyeing and cutting all under one roof.
Gildan launches its proprietary Biotop system, which treats its wastewater using only sunlight, gravity and bacteria, and naturally returns clean water to the environment.


To meet growing demand, a new fully-integrated facility is opened in Dominican Republic with knitting, dyeing and cutting operations. In addition, a Biotop wastewater treatment system was also constructed for this location.

2007 - 2009

The Company continued the expansion of its manufacturing footprint through two acquisitions of sock manufacturers and the construction of a sock manufacturing facility in Honduras. Gildan also acquires a distribution center in Charleston, S.C. to support sales growth to North American retailers.
The Fair Labor Association accredits the Company's social compliance program.
Gildan starts producing its own energy with the launch of a biomass steam generation facility.
The Company reaches the milestone of $1B fueled by growing sales in the U.S. and Canadian printwear market.


Gildan expands into Bangladesh with the acquisition of an integrated textile facility, followed by an investment to bring the building up to structural and fire safety standards.

2011 - 2012

The Company completes the acquisition of Gold Toe Moretz, one of the largest branded sock suppliers to U.S. retail. Anvil Knitwear was also acquired a year later.
Gidlan acquires the remaining 50% of CanAm Yarns, its yarn-spinning joint venture.

2013 - 2014

Gildan is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the first year.
Gildan acquires New Buffalo Shirt Factory's screenprinting operations.
The Company acquires Doris Hosiery, a leading supplier of sheer hosiery and legwear, owner of Secret®, Silks®, Therapy Plus® and Kushyfoot® brands.


Comfort Colors is acquired, adding a vintage garment dye collection to its printwear business.


Gildan acquires 100% of the equity interest of Alstyle, a basic apparel manufacturer in the printwear channel as well as of Peds, a leading sock and legwear solutions company.


The Company completes the acquisition of the American Apparel® brand and relaunches the brand's U.S. e-commerce site a few months later.


Gildan reaches 50,000 employees in 30 facilities in 7 countries. It continues to play a leading role in the printwear market and is growing in its capabilities to be a growing contender in the fashion basics market segment.