Growth Driver #1
Growing Share in Fashion Basics

Our investments in brands, technology, innovation and vertical integration position the Company ideally to capture additional share in the fastes growing segment of global imprintables markets. Our investments in manufacturing ring-spun yarns and new Rio Nance 6 textile facility create the perfect manufacturing capabilities and scale for this key growth driver.

Growth Driver #2
Driving International Growth

Gildan's global imprintables distribution network, now servicing over 60 countries, is a springboard for this key growth driver. Our strategic vision is to leverage our leadership in these networks to introduce new brands, expand product offerings and enter new markets, always harnessing the strength of our vertically-integrated model.

Growth Driver #3
Capitalizing on Mass Shift to Private Label

Retailers are focusing on their private label brands, which is creating tremendous opportunity for Gildan. Our manufacturing expertise, operational efficiencies and large scale position the Company perfectly to strategically capture private label opportunities that fit our capacity, align with our capabilities and meet the long-term financial reture objectives of both Gildan and our retail partners.

Growth Driver #4
Growing with Global Lifestyle Brands

Gildan's investments of close to $1.5B in CAPEX over the last 10 years have created one of the world's largest and most efficient textile and apparel manufacturing systems. Coupled with our industry-leading Genuine ResponsibilityTM CSR programs and proximity to critical North American markets, these investments make Gildan an optimal partner for these large global lifestyle brands.

Growth Driver #5

The convergence of the global imprintables and consumer markets, enabled by e-commerce platform growth, is creating a vehicle for Gildan's strong portfolio of brands to reach wider audiences. Our investments in expanded distribution capabilities, enhanced IT platforms and systems integration are driving new opportunities within this growing distribution channel.

2018 Annual Report

"We strongly believe that the combination of the manufacturing expertise we have developed from owning and running our own operations, and the investments we have made throughout the years, is the backbone of our success."

- Glenn Chamandy, President & CEO

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