Growth Driver #1
Driving market leadership in imprintable fashion basics

In recent years, we have seen an acceleration of industry growth in the fashion basics and performance basics categories, due in part to end users shifting preference to lighter weight, softer fabrics. With strong brand positioning in these categories supported by cost-effective manufacturing operations, including yarn capabilities, we believe we are well positioned to drive further share penetration within imprintable fashion and performance basics.

Growth Driver #2
Leveraging brand portfolio
across channels, geographies, and e-commerce platforms.

We are targeting to grow our sales by leveraging our brand portfolio across channels of distribution, geographical regions, and across our e-commerce infrastructure and our customers’ online platforms. We believe we can leverage our extensive distribution network and capabilities to broaden the customer base and reach of our brands.

Growth Driver #3
Growing internationally

We see a significant opportunity to grow our business internationally, particularly in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, by leveraging the extensive breadth of our U.S. product line to further develop and widen our international product offering.  Additionally, we intend to grow our international sales base (which was mainly serviced by our Gildan brand in the past) by leveraging other brands from our portfolio to sell to wholesale distributors and screenprinters, and directly to consumers through e-commerce platforms.

Growth Driver #4
Leveraging manufacturing & distribution infrastructure

We continue to expand our large-scale manufacturing base with additional textile capacity and new technology, particularly in the production of fashion and performance garments.  We have established extensive distribution operations worldwide. We are investing in our direct-to-consumer fulfillment capabilities and speed to market both domestically and internationally, while at the same time seeking opportunities for consolidation within our current infrastructure to drive operational efficiencies.

Growth Driver #5
Pursuing acquisitions to complement organic growth

Beyond our dividend, our first priority for the use of free cash flow and debt financing capacity is pursuing complementary strategic acquisitions which meet our strategic and financial criteria. We look for the right fit, opportunities that may complement our business, enhance our product offering or brand portfolio and/or expand our distribution in new channels or geographies.

2017 Annual Report

"I firmly believe that no other company is better equipped to respond to the shifting market landscape given our business model, expertise, talent and strategies."

- Glenn Chamandy, President & CEO

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