As one of the world's largest apparel manufacturers, we embrace our responsibility to treat our 50,000 employees with respect and provide them with rewarding, safe and healthy work environments. We strive to foster a company culture where employees are valued and empowered to share in our success.

Our Workforce

Investing in our people is a cornerstone of Gildan's success. We are committed to offering fair wages, development opportunities and attractive benefits such as free on-site medical care, subsidized meals and free transportation.


Our Workplace

At Gildan, our first responsibility towards our employees is providing them with safe and healthy work environments. We also invested in workplace infrastructure and implemented comprehensive monitoring and management processes.

Our Supply Chain

The vast majority of our products are manufactured in facilities that Gildan owns and operates. This gives us unprecedented control over the entire process and allows us to ensure responsible and sustainable practices are implemented. When we do have to outsource production, we expect our partners to follow the same standards. p>