We believe that we have a responsibility to be an active participant in the communities where we operate, extending well beyond the employment opportunities we create. Gildan's large scale, global reach and commitment to operating responsibly position us very well to deliver positive and sustainable impacts for creating stronger and healthier communities.

As one of the largest apparel manufacturers in most of the regions where we operate, Gildan is in the unique position of being able to create economic development opportunities by favoring local suppliers and creating opportunities for new businesses to flourish.

Through Gildan's community engagement program, we strive to make investments that improve local infrastructure and enrich people’s quality of life by advancing access to education and fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. Gildan partners with community organizations to target and respond to the most pressing needs in the regions where the Company operates.

Local Development

Gildan understands that creating stronger communities will fuel its future growth. That is why the Company invests in developing local talent, hiring local management and prioritizing local suppliers, wherever possible, to drive genuine sustainable development.

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Community Engagement

Gildan invests in community projects that are relevant to who we are as a business and to what is important to us. The Company also seeks to engage its employees in many of its community initiatives.

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