Our fabrics are knit in our textile facilities located in Honduras, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Bangladesh. These facilities are state-of-the-art and highly efficient.
Producing Our Own Textiles

Owning our facilities allows us to ensure our textiles meet our high standards of quality and working conditions. It also provides us with the opportunity to continuously innovate.

Natural Wastewater Treatment
All of the wastewater generated at our textile facilities in Honduras and the Dominican Republic utilize Gildan’s innovative biological wastewater treatment system – the Biotop.  This natural system treats wastewater through a series of interconnected lagoons that contain bacteria which virtually eliminates all dyes and chemicals and uses no incremental energy to process the water.
Textile Manufacturing Process
Responsible Use of Chemicals
Mixing our own chemicals
In Honduras, we have a dedicated facility at our Rio Nance textiles complex ‘GilChem’ where we mix a large volume of our needed chemicals. This allows us to reduce purchasing and transportation costs while developing our own recipes, which suit our specific needs. Once mixed, chemicals are sent to the facilities’ automatic dispensing systems through a series of pipelines.
Restricted Substances Code of Practice
The Company’s Restricted Substances Code of Practices, which strictly defines the list of allowable materials that can be used in our manufacturing processes and products, is continuously updated and aligned with the industry leading standards such as Oeko-Tex 100, REACH and Prop-65.