Energy efficient, super high speed knitting technology 
powers Gildan’s textile operations.
Dyeing and Finishing
Magic happens when we harness creativity and technology rendering the most amazing colorful palettes of fabrics.
Efficiency and Precision
Automated equipment cuts out waste and delivers precise patterns.
Wastewater Treatment
Genuine BioTop
Gildan’s BioTop wastewater treatment system uses bacteria, sunlight and gravity to virtually eliminate all dyes and chemicals from our effluent in the most eco-friendly way. Water emerging from the system is shared with local farmers for irrigation purposes.
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Renewable Energy
Genuine BioMass
Gildan’s BioMass systems burn agricultural and factory waste to generate 100% of our steam, greatly reducing our GHG emissions and waste sent to landfills. Between 2010 and 2015 Gildan achieved a reduction of our GHG emissions intensity by 34% relative to 2010 levels.
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Maria Frohmader
Business Solutions Director - Manufacturing

Maria joined Gildan in 2001 as a Quality Coordinator at our Choltex textile facility in Honduras. Through hard work and with the support of our talent development programs Maria moved upwards to become the Company's first female Plant Manager before becoming a Director of Textile Engineering, a position she held for several years.
Maria is now working in our corporate headquarters in Montreal, delivering valuable experience and insights to our Global IT projects team. 
The Three R's
At Gildan, one of our key objectives with regards to environmental sustainability is waste reduction through recycling and repurposing and the establishment of waste prevention measures at all stages of the production cycle.
Environmental Code
Gildan’s strict Environmental Code of Practices is strictly applied to our operations and governs design, raw material choices and the manufacturing inputs and outcomes throughout the process of products that we manufacture or source.
Product Safety
Gildan® and Anvil® branded products that we manufacture all carry the prestigious Oekotex Standard 100 accreditation, an internationally recognized standard for product safety.